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Hammer and Chisel Review

Beachbody Hammer and Chisel

If you are looking for a program that is going to get you into great shape, you need something more challenging than your current workout, you want to get ripped, then keep reading because the Master Hammer and Chisel program is just for YOU!

The Beachbody Master’s Hammer and ChiselTM is designed by two top trainers: Autumn Calabrese (famous for the 21-day fix program) and Sagi Kalev who developed Body Beast. Both are well-known for helping thousands lose weight, build lean muscle, burn fat and get sculpted.

Master’s Hammer and Chisel is a 60-day workout program geared to get you into the best shape of your life. Sagi and Autumn will take you through 12 body sculpting 30-40 minute workouts that will target each of the major areas of your body each week. You get the experience and proven techniques from both trainers and a detailed nutrition plan to follow as well.


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Week 1 Master & Hammer Chisel Schedule

DAY 1: Chisel Balance – is 40:20. This is all about working your legs hard doing

15 reps per exercise and each exercise is repeated twice. This is one of harder

workouts of the program. Your heart rate will be high the whole time doing

1-legged squats, bridges while lifting weights over your head, Planks, Squat

Jumps on one leg, 1 legged planks on the bench with 1 arm bench press and more.

You'll need a weight bench or ball, small set of dumbbells and definitely a towel.

DAY 2: Hammer Plyometrics is 25:32. Expect vertical jumps, plank push ups touching the bench with one hand on the way up, jumping over a bench side to side, chin up and crunches, lunge squats and burpees.

DAY 3: ISO Strength Chisel is 34:39. This is built around 10 second isometric holds which are known for building deep inner strength. You will do 10 reps of the exercise and the last one you hold for 10 seconds. You will then repeat this 3 times per exercise. The workout includes squats, push ups, 1 arm rows, abs, dumbbell lateral raises and pull ups.

DAY 4: Rest Day

DAY 5: ISO Speed Hammer – 23 minutes. This includes faced paced sequences of push ups, lunges, pull ups, dead lifts, squats, calve raises, tricep kick backs and more.

DAY 6: Chisel Endurance - 36:55. This workout is about building ENDURANCE. The moves are 60 seconds and include: Bench Run Ups, Negative Pull Ups, Step up Cross Over, Decline Push Up, 1 Hand Row w. Leg Extension, Incline Press, Plank Knee Taps

DAY 7: Total Body Hammer - 43:48. This is ahypertrophy workout focused on pyramid-style sets to maximize strength and muscle growth.10 Minute Ab Hammer  10 minutes. Targetted to carve definition into your core while strengthening your entire ab complex.

Monica Gibbs Beachbody Hammer and Chisel before and after


What Equipment is Required

You will need dumbbells for the workout. An adjustable dumbbell set would be preferred. You will also need an adjustable weight bench or a stability ball. Lastly, you will need a way to do pull ups. Pull up bars are available on the Beachbody website. The good news is that they have options in the workouts for people who have limited equipment.

Nutrition and Meal Plan

This program is excellent, the trainers are great and you will get a detailed hammer and chisel nutrition guide to follow. To make this simple it’s the same 21 day fix portion control container method with 7 containers that help simplify how much you eat for the various food types.

What’s Included in the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Kit?

Monica Gibbs Team Beachbody Coach
  • 6 DVDS that contain a total of 12 workouts

  • 7 color coded containers to help with portion control

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Quick Start Guide

  • 60 day Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout Calendar

  • Nutrition Plan, Cheat Sheet and Food list

  • 2 Bonus workouts: 10 Minute Ab Hammer and 10 Minute Ab Chisel

(Note: The deluxe kit includes everything above in the base kit, plus and 8 lb medicine ball, 4 workouts to go with it and an extra set of 7 colored containers)


If you are looking for a strength building program that can build muscle, tone muscle and get you into the best shape of your life physically, this is a great 60 day program for you. 

            Ready to GET RIPPED? Order the Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack

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