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Intro to Essential Oils

Monica Gibbs Essential Oils

Have you ever squeezed an orange peel or walked through a garden of flowers and enjoyed their fragrances? If so, you have already experienced an example of the aromatic qualities of essential oils.








Monica Gibbs

Essential oils have been used for centuries in many cultures for their therapeutic qualities, and have profound health benefits in the hands of experienced users. Single oils and even complex blends are effectively used in the following three ways:

While essential oils are vital in the development and health of plants, individuals have long been able to benefit from their natural effectiveness in many aspects of day-to-day life.

Monica Gibbs Essential Oils




Aromatic: The volatile nature of essential oils allows them to be easily evaporated and diffused throughout a larger space. Using this application method helps create an atmosphere where several individuals can enjoy the calming, stimulating, and soothing benefits of essential oils.


Topical: Essential oils are safely and easily absorbed by the skin allowing you to use a variety of topical application techniques to different parts of your body.


Internal: Whether you are taking capsules or the oil itself, essential oils can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions.




Add 2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil to water and spray counter tops to sterilize them. Soak your dishcloth overnight in a bowl of water and a drop of Lemon essential oil to disinfect and kill germs



Diffuse Lavender, Vetiver and Sandalwood for a good night's sleep

Essential oils are a natural alternative to the use of traditional therapies and chemicals, and are healthier for you, your family, and the environment!

There are countless uses for oils, including; relaxation, energy-boosting, cleansing, healing therapies, bug repellent and so many more!

For other uses, including do-it-yourself ideas, click here.

Why dōTERRA essential oils?

dōTERRA oils are free from fillers

and artificial ingredients with no

diultion of active ingredients.

They are free of contaminants,

pesticides and chemical residues,

and they are carefully extracted from plants harvested at the right time.

Monica Gibbs Learn about EssentialOils

Are you ready for a healthy change but not sure what to do next?

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Interested in purchasing oils and products for your home and health? Click to shop or read more below.

The Best Way to Purchase Oils

If you're considering purchasing oils to improve your heath and home, there are 3 options to do so: as a RETAIL CUSTOMER, a PREFFERED MEMBER or a WELLNESS ADVOCATE (wholesale member).

As a RETAIL CUSTOMER, you can purchase from my online store and pay retail prices but with no membership benefits. The oils are delivered straight to your door. 

As a PREFFERED MEMBER, you pay a lifetime fee of $10 and can get 20% off retail. You can participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program. A preferred member will not have an avenue to sell oils. This is strictly a preferred status for discount prices through the wellness advocate of your choice (me).  This option gets shipping rewards. For every dollar spent for shipping, you get a product credit to use for purchasing products on your next order.


Although purchasing oils as a retail customer or preferred member are good options, I highly recommend opening a dōTERRA wholesale account to do so. The benefits in doing so include discounted pricing, discounted or free shipping, and so much more! And there is no obligation to purchase or sell (but once you try the oils, read up on the benefits of becoming a WELLNESS ADVOCATE and consider joining my team)!

To learn more about opening a wholesale or preferred member account, click here. To learn more about becoming a Wellness Advocate (wholesale member) and joining my dōTERRA team, click here.

Click to shop oils and other dōTERRA products as a retail customer.

Monica Gibbs doTERRA Wellness Advocate

How to open your dōTERRA account 

Monica Gibbs doTERRA Lemon

Why become a Wellness Advocate?



20% off retail


No obligation to purchase or sell


Discounted or free shipping


One-time enrollment fee



Regular retail pricing


Full shipping price




Wholesale pricing (25% off retail)


No obligation to purchase or sell


Discounted and free shipping


Opportunity to earn free oils


Optional income opportunity


Support , training and tools


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