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In 2015 I began fitness coaching and discovered that in addition to assisting individuals with their career goals, I am also passionate about creating a plan to help individuals meet their health and fitness goals. Shortly after I began fitness coaching, a client at Smuckers  invited me to speak at a corporate team building seminar series. Since presenting to the Smuckers Finance team that day, I have been called on by League Benefits, Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers, BlueCat and HRPA to speak on Workplace Wellness, Team Building, Employee Engagement and related topics. Attending the 2018 HRPA conference and other local events as a vendor has also allowed me to share the value of corporate wellness as well as the importance of an individual wellness strategy.

As a Wellness Advocate, I am committed to helping others be stronger, healthier and happier and have learned that to commit is the key to success. Believe in yourself, because great results are possible if you really want them and are willing to work hard.

Contact me if you are interested in booking a wellness consult for you or your organization.
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