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Fitness Coaching & Beachbody

I lost 15 inches in the first week!! I have fallen in love with working out and shakeology! My energy levels are so much higher. I wake up early with no difficulty even after just a few hours of sleep AND my hair has become so much healthier and longer in just the past 2 weeks of taking shakeology! I love that we have this group to share experiences and motivate one another! Thank you Monica Gibbs

Amanda M

I’m so excited to share my first 21 Day Extreme Challenge results. I lost 5.5 lbs and 9.25 Inches. We did it thanks to our great coach Monica, our motivated and committed group, and our fabulous Beachbody program.

Angela M

I lost 11.4lbs and 17 inches! I'm thrilled, but I still have a ways to go toward my ultimate goal. I am so happy with this jump start, and plan to continue the daily workouts and food portioning.

Janice K

Thank you Monica Gibbs for this amazing start to fitness! I wasn't looking at starting a program but felt that I could trust you in something that I haven't tried in years.


This program has kept me interested and dedicated which nothing has ever done for this long. My family is so surprised that I've stuck with this and that I am motivated to continue.


I lost 5 lbs and a total of 11" with 21 Day Fix.


Thanks to all of you for the support and reassurance that I wasn't alone!!! It kept me going during those harder days. I'm motivated to keep going because I feel so good from it. Thanks and congratulations we did it!

Henriette O

I don't feel sore anymore after working out. I feel stronger, with more energy and I'm even waking up before my alarm! I can't believe that my body is starting to crave the morning workout. Right after this challenge, I'm going for the next one - I don't want to lose the momentum

Angela M

I lost 12 lbs and 6 inches with the 21 Day Fix. I’m so pleased with the results!

Laura H

When I started 22 Minute Hard Corps I was out of shape, I had poor eating habits and low energy. That slowly changed once I started the program. I loved that the workouts are short, intense and work all the muscle groups in 22 minutes! With some help from my coach Monica I was motivated to work out, and I was still able to eat the foods I liked while learning about portion sizes. Now I have more energy, feel stronger, and was able to participate in a 10km race. I love the chocolate shakeology!

Marco L

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"I lost 12 lbs and 6 inches with the 21 Day Fix. I’m so pleased with the results!"

-Laura H

Cynthia weighed 157 lbs and went down to 149.2 with 21 Day Fix!

Lisa's 21-Day Fix results

Wellness Coaching & doTERRA

I stumbled across Doterra oils while visiting a friend's home one day. I was a bit congested so she told me to take a whiff of some peppermint oil she had. I did, and I was surprised it cleared my sinuses right then and there! I couldn't get enough of it. My friend explained the benefits of the different oils she had to me and invited me to a Doterra party where I received samples of the peppermint oil I had tried along with another to help with my habitual sinus battles, Breathe. I learned that I could apply the oils to my skin directly or use them with a diffuser to reach a whole room. 


I now carry the oils in my purse with me for relief of congestion (I dab some under my nose and inhale like there's no tomorrow!)  and have some at home for the next time my son gets a cold. Since the oils have been so therapeutic for me, I thought it was important for my sister,  a massage therapist, to be enlightened as well. To my surprise, she'd been exclusively

using them on her clients for years! Unlike her, I won't keep the secret from you any longer,

Doterra rocks!

Heather L

I am grateful to have pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in my home as a gentle, yet effective resource to support myself and my family. Daily my kids, my husband, and I utilize their benefits for physical and emotional wellness.

Laura Y

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Career Coaching

Monica is quite possibly the perfect career coach. She can help you land the perfect role because she takes the time to understand what motivates you and where your true passions lie, she knows precisely what employers are looking for, and has an exhaustive network of opportunities. Not to mention she's an absolute pleasure to work with.

Evy R

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